Corporate Profile

We make a rich society with the“Growing concrete”.

 We manufacture heat-modified Fly Ash, which is available for all types of concrete structures, by utilizing the fly ash that is generated at our coal-fired power plants.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make every concrete structure in the world
have excellent durability and 100-year life long.
We continue to challenge ourselves to create a superior product.

Imagine a world
where every concrete structure
has 100-year life long.

 The days when we destroyed and rebuilt cities every 30 to 60 years over periods of rapid economic growth will soon be behind us. For individuals and companies, as well as national governments that perform public services, new concrete that retains a high utility value for a long period is worth investing in. Instead of wasting our limited resources and our assets for the next generation, we want to pass on something of value. That is the future we want to make happen.

Recycle waste,
and extend the life of buildings.
Eco-friendly means human-friendly.

 Caring for the environment means caring for the place we live in. We believe that environmentally friendly actions, such as reducing the amount of waste by using fly ash as a resource, reducing the amount of limited resources used such as sea sand by utilizing regenerated aggregate, and reducing demolition and reconstruction work by extending a building’s reconstruction cycle, will help protect the environment.

Our Business Purposes (Our Mission)

Through development and manufacturing of new high-value-added products
whose environmental impact is reduced by utilizing fly ash,
we contribute to environmental conservation and industrial expansion,
enhancement of the quality of Okinawa citizens’ lives,
and creation of new employment opportunities.

 ①  Preventing early deterioration of concrete structures caused by salt water corrosion,
which is particularly noticeable in the islands.
 ②  Reducing the financial burden on Okinawa citizens and creating an affluent society
for them by helping make durable long-life concrete structures.
 ③  Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to environmental conservation
by effectively utilizing industrial waste.

Corporate Profile

Corporation Name RYUX Inc.
Founded January 11th, 2012
Address 7-22 Suzaki, Uruma-city, Okinawa, 904-2234 Japan

Capital JPY 95,700,000
President Kazunari Jahana, CEO
No. of Employees 9
Business Manufacturing and distribution of heat-modified fly ash products
Financing Bank Bank of The Ryukyus
The Okinawa Development Finance Corporation
Patents "Heating and firing apparatus and firing method of fly ash" (Japanese Patent No. 6089198, International Patent Application No. PCT/JP2017/005421, Taiwan Patent Application No. 106103834)
"Fly Ash Classifier, Fly Ash Classification Method and Production Method of Spherical Fly Ash Particle Group" (Japanese Patent No. 6090618)
"Powder classification device and classification system"(Japanese Patent No.6262907, International Patent Application No. PCT/JP2018/020758, Taiwan Patent Application No. 107118660)
"Building tiles using Ryukyu plaster products and Ryukyu plaster products" (Utility Model No. 3198084)

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〒7-22, Suzaki, Uruma-city, Okinawa, 904-2234 Japan